Seattle UHF Repeater Club


April 2009
EchoIRLP is on the air! Check the Repeaters page for more info.

Reflector Policy Page

IRLP Node 3330 / Echolink Node 417277 (WA7UHF-R)

Use the following connect and disconnect codes to link our repeater to others. Consult the following pages for information about other nodes you can connect to. There are too many possible nodes to list many of them here!


IMPORTANT: When connecting please always identify yourself. Access the repeater, key up, and say "W7XXX controlling" before you enter any commands. When disconnecting, please disconnect first and then key up again and say "W7XXX clear" so another station that might be waiting knows you are finished.

If you are monitoring the repeater and a remote node connects, be friendly and answer them! Ham radio operators from other parts of the US and sometimes other countries call in to the repeater to talk to any local station who is listening. All hams that are monitoring are encouraged to speak up and answer calling stations. Who knows, you might make a new friend this way!

Note: When the repeater is idle it will connect to the Seattle Reflector at 9198 on IRLP. Any station may feel free to disconnect and use IRLP for other communications. When you are finished please connect it back to 9198, but if you forget the repeater will automatically re-connect after a peroid of time.


  • Key up, identify yourself
  • Using your DTMF mic buttons, dial the 4-digit code for the node or reflector you want to reach. Unkey.
    • Echolink: Dial a # first to signal the system that you are requesting Echolink. Echolink ID's are 4 to 6 digits long. For example, call up the 444.700 system in Seattle with #111001.
  • Wait for the IRLP computer to make the connection. It will speak to you, saying something like "reflector 9250 link active" or it will respond with an error.
  • After connecting, pause a few seconds to listen for activity at the far end. You might have just dialed into an active conversation so be polite! If the link is quiet, key up and make your call. You can call a person you know, or say "W7XXX in Seattle listening on IRLP for a call" to try to get a distant station to answer you.
  • Pause, pause, pause! When you key up your mic, the repeater receives your signal and then tells the IRLP computer to begin transmitting over the internet. It takes 1-2 seconds for the whole chain of events to happen, so key up, then pause for a short period (1-2 seconds) every time you speak.
  • Also pause between transmissions, epsecially if using a reflector. The previous station has to un-key and it takes 1-2 seconds for the reflector to "turn around" so you can talk through it. When the other station un-keys, pause for a second before keying up. Then pause again before you speak.


  • To disconnect, key up and dial the code 73. This will disconnect any connected link (IRLP and Echolink) and return the node to idle.
  • After disconnecting, key up again and speak your ID and indicate that you are finished using the system (for example, "w7xxx is clear").

Other Commands

The system is configured with a few custom commands that will provide status or information. More of these are being developed to check back from time to time to see if there are new ones. When using information commands please identify yourself first to make your transmission legal. For example, key up and quickly say "W7XXX controlling" and enter your command.

  • 00 - This command will report the node status. It will say "Connected to XXXX" or it will say "Link Clear" if the link is idle.
  • 01 - This command will fetch the current weather conditions for Boeing Field (KBFI) read it to you.
  • 02 - This command will speak the weather forecast for Seattle, WA.
  • 03 - This command will speak the current time.
  • *69 - This command will speak the last incoming, outgoing, and call-waiting IRLP node numbers.

Questions or comments??

Feel free to contact the WA7UHF group if you have any questions or comments about the repeater! View our contact page for information.